The Most Adult-like Young Lady I Have Ever Met

Hi guys!

My name is Jackson, and I am one of the co-founders of Kiddom! This will be my first post in Kiddom blog, and I felt compelled to post because of the story I am going to tell you guys!

I have an extremely interesting story to share this time!

It is a common understanding that most children can go real berserk when they are having fun and it is up to us, as adults, to make sure they don’t hurt themselves or other children. Of course, for Kiddom, whenever we’re at an event, we make sure to give advise to the adults and parents around to make sure to supervise their children when they’re playing. A bouncy castle isn’t that much different from a concrete courtyard if the children can’t make sure not to injure themselves while playing, right?


So anyway, the past weekend we were at Horizon Gardens (shoutouts to the residents of Horizon Gardens that we met! You guys are absolutely friendly!) at Ang Mo Kio, and we had just inflated the Kiddom bouncy castle outside the function room. As it goes without saying, the children couldn’t wait to jump right into it while we proceeded to speak with the only adult around with the precautions she should take while the children are playing.

The children went right in anyway, and just while we were telling the adult about proper play, one little girl fell down while literally head-diving out of the slide! Luckily, it was only a small fall and she hurt her knee, but no serious injury as a result.

What happened next blew my mind, however. Another slightly older girl went to her and said these following things while the little girl was crying:

“Are you ok? You can’t do that!”

“You have to sit properly before sliding down! It’s just like at the playground, remember?”

“We have to be careful when playing too!”

“Oh gosh, are you ok? Don’t cry, don’t cry…”

And proceeded to hug her and soothe her pain by rubbing on her knees. This older girl was maybe, 6 years old, or 7 at most and she knew better than most kids and even some adults.

I didn’t exaggerate the story in the slightest bit, and how this young lady behaved really stuck in my head over the weekend! I really do wish my one and a half year old daughter will grow up to be like her! Ha ha!

Thank you for reading my story and hope to see you guys soon!

Jackson Sim,

Co-founder, Kiddom Singapore

Bouncy Castles, Kiddy Rides, Popcorn/Candy Floss Machines and More!

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