Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the bouncy castle be able to fit into my home?

The dimensions for the bouncy castles are provided in the Product  Information page if you would like to do some measurements before engaging our services. However, we have done many condominium function rooms before as well as outdoor places, for example, a country club’s pool side, a holiday chalet, or even inside a terraced house.

We provide free consultation, so you are not sure if your place can hold our products, just give us a call. We will come to your desired event venue to advise you!

2. How many hours will the rental be for?

The standard package is for 4 hours. We usually do not mind extending an extra half-hour or slightly more if your kids can’t get enough of the castles!

3. Are the items safe for my kids?

While all precautions has been taken in the process of manufacturing the bouncy castles and cars, it is still the parents’ responsibility to make sure that their kids do not injure themselves. Our castles are enclosed with see-through nets which allow adults to see what their kids are doing!

If you are still worried, we are able to send a Party Assistant (at an hourly rate) to help keep a lookout on your kids. Remember, safety first!

4. How long in advance do I have to make a booking?

Do give us at least 1 day in advance, however, if you made a last minute decision to use our services, do give us a call to see if we’re in the area. You’ll never know, we might just be able to come in time!

5. How many children are able to fit into your Bouncy Castles?

It depends on the size of the child. For a rough estimation:

Medium Castles

Ages 1 – 2: Max 6 Children

Ages 3 – 4 : Max 4 Children

Large Castles

Ages 2 – 3: 10 – 15 Children

Ages 4 – 5: 8 – 10 Children

Ages 6 – 10: 5 – 8 Children

6.. How do you guys charge payment?

Cash, or cheque payable to “KIDDOM INTERNATIONAL LLP”


Have a question? Feel free to e-mail us at enquiry@kiddom.com.sg !


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