A Guide to Party Planning for Your Kids in Singapore

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Jermaine here again, aiming to provide you guys a comprehensive guide on planning a party for your children’s birthday celebrations!

“Oh gosh, my kid’s birthday is coming up soon, what should I do?!?” is a common question parents find themselves asking almost every year. The birthday is a ritual that is supposed to make your child feel special, even if they might not know what is going on at their age yet.

Children are easily excited by their own little world all the time, and a lavish celebration might not be necessary if these kind of parties are out of your budget for the time. However, if you are looking to plan a party where their friends and your friends can come and spend the afternoon/evening with each others’ company, this guide is for you!

The first thing we’re looking at is location. A venue is necessary, it could be at a condominium function room, a restaurant, HDB void decks or even at home. If you are looking at using the space at a void deck for your party, remember to always consult the town councils if it is okay to use the space, and if you are able to use the power points at the space for electric fans, bouncy castles and other products you could be renting. The same goes for condominium functions rooms, remember to ask the management office!

Bouncy Castle Rental in Singapore Restaurant

If you are looking to have your party in a restaurant, be prepared to pay a venue fee. Most restaurants have venue fees of $300 – $800, it could be more or less depending on the location. There sometimes are minimum food order too. If you are not sure whether your favourites restaurants allow booking for events (most usually do), you may search for their name on the internet and the results usually come with a phone number. Call them and check it out! Kiddom has had dozens of events with Stella, that place is amazing! A great restaurant with great food and most importantly, an EPIC sea view!

Once you’ve got the location down, we have to consider food options. Before you begin calling up all the catering companies, it’s important to have an estimate of how many people will be coming to your party. Having the number of guests allows you to make better estimates and avoid wasting food, or embarrassing moments when you do not have enough food to serve your guests!

There are a few food options, D.I.Y (bring your home-cooked food, or BBQ) or catering services. While there are a great number of quality food catering services out there, here’s an extra pro-tip. If you particularly enjoyed a restaurant’s food, first of all consider having your party there. If the restaurant is unsuitable for events or their venue fees are too expensive, you can try enquiring with them if they provide catering services. AND even if they don’t, check with they if they do takeaway items in trays! If you are able to do the delivery yourself, you save yourself a great amount of delivery fees, and you get to enjoy your favourite food at your party. Most restaurants are well-equipped to cook for many people and even if they do not provide catering services, they are usually able to make adjustments to cook larger quantity if you offer to collect the food yourself. Try to negotiate for better pricing on the menu too!

Hotel Banquet Restaurant with Bouncy Castle Singapore

Next, a kids’ party isn’t complete with toys for the kids. I am obviously going to promote Kiddom for bouncy castles, kiddy rides and popcorn/candy floss machines and here’s why: if you don’t already know, Kiddom provides all-inclusive rates. We have no hidden costs, and rates are provided as is – if our products are stated as $200, that’s all there is to it! There is no GST, no service charge, no delivery charge, no “long walkway”/staircase charges (yes, some companies charge for making their delivery personnel walk”. We do, however, have a small charge of $30 if your event is placed outdoors. This is to cover for the additional manpower we hire to clean and sanitise the products properly so that it is safe for everyone’s enjoyment!

We have proper consultants that will advise you on which product to take for your event. If your kids are slightly older and it is a relatively large party, we can’t recommend the medium castles to you. They are too soft and your children won’t be able to have a great time. We also do products test 2-3 days before your event to make sure that they are running well (although we can’t help it if you only confirm your order 1 day before, we’d only be able to test it on the day you confirm the order). An extra pro-tip here too: companies like ours love referrals, if you have been referred to us by a friend or a past customer, let us know! We’ll appreciate the referral with a free soft toy or… a discount off our products (let’s keep this a secret!).

So, there you go! In summary, first pick the location, then the food, and the toys. It sounds simple but this guide should help you make your decisions quicker!

Thank you for taking the time to view our website and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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